High quality, energy efficient tailored houses.

We take the pain out of building houses in Spain and hand you a finished product, ready to enjoy your dream.


Our design process allows us to make the most of the land features, views, living space and more to maximise the enjoyment of your new property.

Build Quality

The quality of new-builds in Spain often doesn’t meet expectations. That’s why we only work with builders who meet the high standards our designs require.

Energy Effiency

A core component of our designs is to make use of proven energy efficiency technologies including solar, insulation, water collection and heating systems.

Why are we different?

Building houses in Spain can be one of the most challenging things to attempt. We know through our own experiences.

After many years of learning the hard way, we have assembled a team of the highest quality professionals who care about the details that you care about.

We are upfront on all the typical issues you will face as you embark on your dream house and see it as a key part of our job to help you navigate those potential pitfalls.

The houses we create are built to maximise the enjoyment of the finished product – we only build houses that WE would want to live in ourselves. 

Built to Northen European standards

We hand over your house ready to move in

We tell you the true complete cost up front

We finish our properties to an amazing level of detail

We build to the highest energy efficiency standards

We design houses to maximize liveability

Attention to Detail

We make sure our properties are finished to a level of detail you will rarely find in Spain. 

Finished Ready to Live

When you are handed over your completed house, it is ready to be lived in.

Highest Quality Materials

We use the highest quality, sustainable materials throughout our houses.

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