Aero-Thermal Exchangers

Aerothermal heating is a natural, non-polluting, inexhaustible energy source which uses physics and fresh air to regulate room temperature.

Although still relatively unknown to the general public, aerothermal systems recover calories that are abundant in the air in order to maintain a perfect temperature in your home.

How it Works

The unique power generation system absorbs energy from the surrounding air through a high performance heat pump, turning it into energy to cover the demand for heating, cooling and hot water throughout the house. The thermodynamic device also transfers heat within the home from where it’s coldest to where it’s warmest. The system can run in reverse and uses energy that cannot be exhausted – helping you make considerable savings on energy costs.


  • Natural, non-polluting, and inexhaustible energy
  • Highly efficient (savings of up to 75% on your bill)
  • Technology used for central heating, cooling, and hot water heating
  • More space in your house, no fuel needs to be stored.
  • No gases or residues as no combustion takes place
  • Unlike solar power, aerothermal energy generates power even on cloudy days.

How much can we save?

Up to 75% of aerothermal energy comes from this renewable and clean source; the remaining 25% is the small percentage of electrical power required for the proper functioning of the system. This enables us to reduce energy consumption, maximise energy efficiency and create huge savings in electricity bills.

Blueleaf Design builds homes that minimize environmental impact and contribute to sustainable development. Protecting the environment using renewable energy is one of our principal philosophies.

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