Energy Efficiency


New build independent houses are required to be energy rated minimum B, at Blueleaf Design we keep it simple and only build energy efficiency rated A.

The energy rating equates to how much energy will cost you per month.

It is a combination of energy efficient heating and cooling systems with thermal insulation and airtightness with minimum thermal heat bridges.

It translates as good thermal properties in the structure, insulation and windows with low energy heating and cooling.

Energy efficiency can be further enhanced by the addition of photovoltaic systems, solar assisted water heating and calorific recovery of air exchange.

Spain has less competition in retail energy so prices are some of the highest in Europe,it is not uncommon for energy bills of 400€ per month in peaks of winter and summer, the return on investment is significant.

Principal elements to reach energy efficiency A:

1 Structural Method

  • ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms) is reinforced concrete using preformed thermal insulating blocks a method of shuttering concrete.
  • Ytong is a Dutch, light-weight block building system with outstanding thermal and acoustic properties.

2 Insulation

  • Continuous thermal insulation with excellent thermal properties

3 Airtightness

  • Preservation of energy used to heat or cool ambient air within house

4 Windows/Doors

  • Triple pane double glazed with minimum heat bridging. Solar reflection % in summer and solar heat transmission in winter.

5 Efficient Heating/Cooling system

  • Ultra energy efficient systems like aero thermal
  • Hydrogen fuel cell powered heating
  • Simpler systems such as gas (allows for cooking by gas)

6 Heat Bridges

  • Minimise energy loss from physical transmission by conduction

7 Heat Recovery/Air Exchanger

  • Calorie recovery from incoming and outgoing internal house air

8 Solar Thermal Panels

  • Using solar energy to heat household water through solar panels, as of 2021 this is a legal requirement on new build homes

9 Photovoltaic Systems

  • Generation and storage of energy from photovoltaic panels and tiles

10 Rainwater Recovery

  • Recovery of rainwater, storage and re-distribution of rainwater for garden use of with filtering for household use. The cost of installation v cost savings is

A Rating

An A rating is not only good for your monthly expenses, it reduces dependence on outside suppliers, increases the resale value of your property and ultimately helps to reduce use of precious resources such as energy and water. Blueleaf Design strongly believes that all houses we build should have the lowest impact on the planet as possible.

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