Inside / Outside Fluidity

Blueleaf properties are designed to maximise the flow between inside and outside space.

What if an open plan design meant the whole living area, not just the kitchen, dining area and salon sharing the same space?

What do you see when seated in your living area within the house, what do you see from the terrace when looking back at your house?

Whether watching your children in the pool while cooking an omelette or using the pool as a water feature, particularly with pool lights at night, Blueleaf Design is about comfortable open living spaces.

Seamless flow between inside and outside

Our climate allows for a lot of time spent outside of the confinement of walls, combining outside dining, pool and terraces where the living area is both inside and outside your house.

A sunken patio door frame, matching exterior and interior tiling, shaded area blending where the inside stops and and outside starts. The pool area and outside dining becomes usable and integral part of your living space.

A fluidity between interior and exterior.

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