Blueleaf Quality

Blueleaf houses are built to a quality level rarely seen outside Northern Europe.

This is no idle statement as many houses in Spain are designed around making profit on the first transaction – not on the comfort of living. Plot sizes can also be compact and rarely flat, meaning the clever use of land is essential in any design.

We evaluate four criteria at the initial design phase :

  • Evaluation of land topography in order that the greatest surface area, permitting salon, kitchen and pool terrace on the same level
  • Sun movement in relation to the property
  • Orientation of house form in order to capture the desired views looking out from the property.
  • Orientation of house and lateral windows and openings to provide privacy from neighbours
  • The Spanish climate allows for a lot of outside living during the year. It means that as we are not confined within the house in clement weather the outside terraces and shaded areas become integral with the living space. Blueleaf Design refers to this asĀ Inside/Outside Fluidity, one reason why we try to design the internal living spaces on the same level as the pool terrace.

Although Spain has a lot of sun, it can still be cool in winter and there are seasons of heavy rain so the design of house should be optimised to keep warm and dry.

Beautiful Details

A striking line catches the eye, an interesting angle, a pleasing shape. Functionality meets purpose in a visually attractive way, surroundings that please your eye, a positive feeling in the moment, afterall, you may live and see your house every day.

A combination of sharp contemporary lines, attractive bold forms built around function softened with natural elements such as stone and wood, this has been central in Blueleaf Design philosophy.

Spanish climate and its seasons offer opportunities with shaded areas and over which Kerb Appeal is a phrase coined by real estate agents referring to the level of attractiveness of the property from the street, we mean it here to mean bold forms and shapes, visually appealing combinations of modern with natural elements and texture.

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