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Design with Love

The Blueleaf Design philosophy is to design and build visually attractive energy efficient independent houses minimising environmental impact and reducing monthly utility bills.

Blueleaf Design houses seen from the exterior use a blend of sharp contemporary architectural lines softened by the use of natural and earthy finishes, stone and wood, in harmony with the surroundings. On the inside Blueleaf Design creates living functionality, optimum use of light and space, visual and acoustic intimacy and comfortable internal airspace. This is achieved by using high quality insulative building materials and techniques and incorporating energy efficient air temperature and quality management systems.

A Blueleaf Design house offers intimacy yet open spaces, bedrooms bigger than the size of your bed, open plan kitchens and living areas with an attention to quality of materials, energy efficient heating/cooling and air treatment systems together with environmental responsibility.

A house that we we want to own and live in ourselves.


Blueleaf Design creates independent energy efficient houses using the following criteria :

  • Design – Unique, sharp, contemporary lines softened by natural finishes
  • Value for Money – The price is always important
  • Quality building techniques and materials
  • Acoustic and thermal isolation
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling systems
  • Environmental responsibility

10 Year Structural Guarantee from Bureau Veritas

Throughout the construction process and in addition to the on-site technical architect, all structural and stability elements including cementation, steel reinforcements, foundations, walls, floors, ceiling and roofing are tested and controlled by an outside organisation OCT (Organismo de Control Técnico).

About Sitges

Sitges is a beautiful resort town just 24 kilometres from the centre of Barcelona. The town has a mile-long palm-fringed promenade (known as the “paseo”) with numerous lovely beaches and stunning Modernista architecture. Amenities include an attractive purpose-built marina, sailing schools and water sports, golf course, numerous gyms, horse-riding stables and other sports facilities.

The town centre is small and largely pedestrianized with a large concentration of cafes, bars and restaurants. Sitges is cosmopolitan and around twenty percent of the town’s current 28,000 strong resident population are from overseas.

The town also hosts a wide range of international cultural events including a world-famous International Film Festival, the annual February “Carnaval” (one of the biggest carnivals in Europe), the summer-long Festival of Culture, “Festa Mayor” and the International Tango Festival. In recent years, the local council has invested heavily in civic improvements including sculptures and other art works, enhancing street architecture and pedestrianising large areas of the town and a new ring road is nearing completion.

Sitges is only 25 minutes drive from Barcelona’s El Prat Airport, an international hub with direct flights to nearly every capital in Europe. Sitges is just 35 minutes by road or rail from the centre of the city.

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