Bulding in Spain

A new build unique one off design would be a challenge anywhere – especially so in Spain.

Managing time and cost and ensuring the material specifications and quality of installations and finishing is challenge enough.

In Spain there are multiple laws of legislation and tax from the municipal town planning office to Hacienda stopping by the regional government. Navigating and complying with these competing entities adds an extra challenge to the equation. Often it can take three months for planning licenses and 3 months for registration (required by banks for lending) and this if all goes well.

Keeping within budget is one thing but getting an accurate picture of what the total cost with be is an additional challenge. Very few people involved in real estate understand the total cost of a new build because very few people will have financed a new build and all costs involved from start to finish. The architect may have a cost program, the builder understands the costs of the materials and labour but there are many other costs which are not recorded.

Most construction companies will outsource specialised functions to sub-contractors, it many cases it is obligatory for the guarantees and warranties. Managing the timeliness, quality and reliability of sub-contractors can be a challenge.

Most contractors will be attempting to increase their earnings on each job, low-ball offers with later surprise costs is a typical play but there are many other tricks which will be implemented.


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