From the City to Sitges

Around the world, more and more people are finding that city living isn’t what it once was. The fear of more lockdowns in homes with little or no outside space; the need for white collar workers to sit in big offices all day long seeming like a thing of the past; the dream of living in a town or village with a smaller and more static population. The same is happening in Spanish cities as more and more stories emerge.

From Barcelona to Sitges

For many living in the centre of Barcelona, Sitges is a favourite escape for weekends of sun and fun. More and more it is becoming a clear favourite permanent destination. Sitges is like a small version of Barcelona with cultural sites, amazing beaches, a number of international schools catering to different expat communities, a 20 minute drive from the airport and only another 15 to the centre of Barcelona. You can read more about what an amazing town Sitges is here.

What’s more, although Sitges has expanded over the years, there are still plenty of areas close to the town centre that have abundant space to let you spread out, even within easy walk.

How can Blueleaf Design Help?

Blueleaf Design specialises in designing and building beautiful energy A houses in and around the Sitges area that are truly designed for living.

Just as importantly as delivering a first class product, we see it as our role to help our customers navigate the often cut throat world of building houses in Spain. After many years of learning the hard way, we have assembled a team of designers, builders and subcontractors that we can rely on to deliver your dream home, keys in hand ready to enjoy.

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